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Delilah was found as a tiny baby chick with her leg caught in a hair tangle, hanging upside down in a bush at the North Shore Marketplace. When she was first found, we thought she was going to lose her entire leg. Remarkably, she only lost her toes, and everything else made a full recovery. She never let her disability affect her or slow her down! Delilah still perches, digs for bugs, runs after Coco, and grooms herself normally You would never know about her special little foot, without looking more closely! 

Delilah and Coco were both rescued at around the same time, and the decision to raise them together was made because  chickens and turkeys are flock animals. They NEED the social interaction of being with one another. These two bonded immediately and are free to live together in peace. They are BFF's at the sanctuary now.


Delilah is a good ambassador of our wild chicken population here in Hawai'i. There are many other chickens like her who get injured or sick and are in need of care. Unfortunately, at the sanctuary we do not always have the capability of providing it to all who are in need. We wish we had the financial, volunteer, and space capacity to do so.


Price Options
Monthly Sponsorship
$20.00every month until canceled
  • At Aloha Animal Sanctuary, we run completely off volunteers and donations like yours. There are no paid positions here. All donations go towards caring for the animals. 

    Monthly Sponsors receive:

    • Certificate of Sponsorship

    • 3 Sanctuary logo stickers

    • Quarterly updates  

    • Portrait of sponsored animal

    ​Sponsors who support more than one resident or donate more than $40/month are eligible to receive a hoof print package of their sponsored resident/s!

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