This sticker showcases three of our goats; from left to right, Anna, Waipuna, and Elsa. This sticker was designed before we knew Elsa was pregnant, so our fourth goat, Pili, is also in the sticker inside Mama Elsa’s belly!! Waipuna and Pili both have their horns, but unfortunately, Anna and Elsa both had their horns burned off in their first few days of life. This is custom for all goats at the farm they were born at, as well as most dairy farms. The babies are also immediately removed from their mothers. However, we are grateful that they joined us and are now happy to roam and graze! (And jump up on our backs if we’re sitting down...)

Goat Ohana Sticker

  • Because all proceeds go to sanctuary projects and upkeep, a shipping rate of $1 is charged for all sticker purchases.