This is a custom sticker for Paxton, one of our piggies. Paxton’s story of survival is incredible. He was found emaciated on a beach on the North Shore, with a bullet wound to his back leg. He was unable to stand on his own. A local woman began bringing him food every day and trying to help him. She was able to get in contact with us and we brought him to the sanctuary right away. After a month of hand feeding him and daily baths to rid him of a severe lice and tick infestation, Paxton stood up. Now, Paxton runs and plays with Charlotte and Yoru and you would never know he had come so close to death. His story of survival and the compassion of the woman who found him inspire us every day. This is Paxton’s sticker and was lovingly designed by our volunteer Kenna Cady.

Paxton’s Sticker

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