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Did you notice Daisy has a heart on her nose? Our little sweetheart Daisy was rescued with her brother Hoʻōla, her aunty Iris, and her momma Fae. They all came from a local petting zoo where sheep are also sold for their meat. Both Hoʻōla and Daisy were noted to be struggling with nursing from their momma when they were less than a week old. Fortunately their caregivers noticed and contacted the sanctuary, and our volunteers were able to provide the around-the-clock care they needed.


Daisy was syringe-fed around the clock for the first week. For the following couple of months, she was kept indoors with our Director Amy who kept her in a diaper, dressed her in snuggly onesies and slept on the ground with her to keep her comfortable. Today, is Daisy is full of energy and is so silly! She is attached to her brother Hoʻōla at the hip and will cry whenever he is out of her sight. The two of them love to prance around the sanctuary exploring and bring so much joy to all around.