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We ♡ Our Volunteers

We are 100% run by volunteers. We simply could not do this work without our family of volunteers who are dedicated to our mission.


On our team, we have volunteer architects, civil engineers, environmentalists, graphic designers, videographers, and animal lovers. If you have a special skill, or just love animals, we want you on our team.

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Volunteers work on-site with the animals and/or in the construction of their homes. If the form above does not work, please e-mail us at 


If you are interested in fundraising or working with the sanctuary in a different way, please email us at


Weekly Caregiver Team 

Our weekly caregivers commit to a shift once a week, either in the morning,or evening, and come to the sanctuary to feed the animals, clean their enclosures, muck out their hay, and perform other tasks that keep the sanctuary afloat! We have over 30 caregiver volunteers, here are just a few:


The Cady 'Ohana

"Aloha! We’re the Cady Ohana. Our family has called O'ahu home for over 10 amazing years. We've had the joy and honor of being caregivers for the animals at AAS since the first Wednesday morning Haku was in his new home. Mackenna, 19, is an ocean conservationist, currently working for a shark conservation company on the North Shore. She became a vegetarian at age 7, continued to learn, then influenced the rest of us to go vegan three years ago. Jonathan is a senior in high school, an avid surfer, photographer, enjoys hiking and playing guitar—including serenading the piggies to sleep! David has a passion for fitness, surfing, and the people he pastors at our small church in Waipahu. He grew up in Oklahoma raising farmed animals and like many kids, was heavily involved in 4H/FFA. Amy loves to eat delicious vegan food, creating healthy meals, and talking with all animals like she talks to her baby-doggy Charlie, a red Golden Retriever. Our ohana invites you to continue to grow with us in awareness, compassion, and being kind to all beings... even humans. ;)"

Alana Lima

"Hi! My name is Alana. Some of my favorite things are cooking yummy vegan meals, nerding out about the universe and hanging out with animals and high vibe people. I love coming to the Sanctuary every week, It’s probably one of my favorite days of the week! I feel so lucky to be contributing to this beautiful space and to be a part of a group of volunteers that are so compassionate!"

Haley Lambert

"My name is Haley and I'm born and raised in Kāneohe. I'm currently a full-time student at Manoa for animal science and dream of opening my own rescue one day. I'm so glad to be a part of this community and help all walks of life. My other passions are plants and using them for herbal health."

Keeley Chambers

"I celebrated my fourth year being vegan by dedicating some time to give back to the cause that changed my life. As a caretaker at Aloha Animal Sanctuary I have been able to show my love and appreciation for these animals, who deserve compassion, affection, and our respect. My love for my dog Quinn has also shown me that all animals are the same and worthy of love. (She sounds and eats the exact same as our pigs!)."

Elisha & Brandon Haupu

"Hi! We are brandon and Elisha. Some of the things we enjoy are hiking, find good vegan food, and thrift shopping. We have been volunteering since the beginning when it was just Haku <3 Going to the sanctuary every week has becoming our favorite thing to do. We are always looking forward to seeing everyone. As a caregiving at the sanctuary it has taught us how to be more compassionate, more open, how to love more. Aloha animal Sanctuary is not only a safe place for animals but even for us." 

Schae Hill

"I have been a volunteer at the Aloha Animal Sanctuary since Haku was brought home.  The sanctuary is a very special space that has allowed for restoration of the 'āina, our animal friends to be given a home, as well as a place for humans to connect on deeper levels. I was drawn to the sanctuary as animal liberation has been a part of my beliefs for about four years now, as that is when little 15 year old me decided to go vegan. We are so grateful here at the sanctuary for our directors, for such a supportive community, and of course for all of the animals!  Thank you to all who are speaking up for the voiceless community of animals who dearly need support.  We are all one." 

Leilani & Tim

Greetings! My name is Klaus. I am the handsome bunny pictured in this photo. I know it may look like I am trying to make an escape from our little family photo shoot but I actually don’t mind these humans so much. They are Leilani and Tim and they are the Head Groundskeepers of my Bunny Kingdom in Lanikai. 


When they are not managing my housekeeping, room service, agility, and spa services, I allow them to volunteer at the Aloha Animal Sanctuary. They have been there since day one and they absolutely love it. Leilani enjoys piggie belly rubs, and Tim and Francis, the duck, have become good friends. They are both proud vegans and animal rights activists. Leilani also volunteers with the House Rabbit Society and has served as a Shelter Rabbit Caretaker, Bunny 101 Educator, and currently as a Post Adoption Counselor. 


I’ve also hired them to manage my social media accounts so if you are interested in my bunny adventures please check out @bunandrestless on Instagram and Facebook. I love sharing information about proper house rabbit care and how to train your humans.

Sydney Yelton

    Sydney is an environmental activist from Portland Oregon. She is currently traveling the world to learn and to volunteer in conservation efforts. Aloha Animal Sanctuary was her first stop, and it will always be a special place for her. 

    Sydney recently graduated from Mt. Hood Community College with an Associates in Art and Science. She has plans to go back to school next fall, 2020, to either study fire fighting or environmental science and geography. 


She is passionate about conservation, water safety, swimming, and art.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

– Mahatma Gandhi

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