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The Animals

Sponsor An Animal!

At Aloha Animal Sanctuary, we run completely off volunteers and donations like yours.

There are no paid positions here. All donations go towards caring for the animals. 

Become a Monthly Sponsor and Receive:

Certificate of Sponsorship    3 Sanctuary logo stickers

Quarterly updates    Portrait of sponsored animal

Sponsors who support more than one resident or donate more than $40/month are eligible to receive a hoof print package of their sponsored resident/s!

 Click here if you would like 
 make a  $40+/month donation 

Sponsor an Animal

Let's Make a Change

There are so many animals on O'ahu that need our help. Despite only founding our non-profit months ago, we receive weekly messages from people asking us to help animals. At Aloha Animal Sanctuary we want to help as many individuals as we can, but we need your help.

Every donation counts. Every penny helps provide more animals another chance. Together let's create a kinder, more peaceful compassionate world. Together let's create a world of ALOHA.

We kindly ask for your support

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