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Meet Elsa. She and her sanctuary sister Anna came from a local goat dairy farm. On any kind of dairy farm, in order for goats or cows to produce milk, they must deliver a baby first. In order to continue producing milk, many babies must be delivered throughout their lives. 

Elsa was a runt and would not have produced as much milk as the others, so she was going to be sold online for her meat. Thankfully, she was surrendered to the sanctuary by the farmer. Now she can live out the rest of her life with her sister!


In dairy, the animals live only a fraction of their lifespan before they are killed, and their value is dependent on the amount of milk they produce. At the sanctuary, we believe every animal has inherent value and deserves freedom and protection. 

Elsa was rescued pregnant, and she gave birth to her baby Pili (below). They are inseparable and will be able to live out their lives together at the sanctuary.


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Monthly Sponsorship
$20.00every month until canceled
  • At Aloha Animal Sanctuary, we run completely off volunteers and donations like yours. There are no paid positions here. All donations go towards caring for the animals. 

    Monthly Sponsors receive:

    • Certificate of Sponsorship

    • 3 Sanctuary logo stickers

    • Quarterly updates  

    • Portrait of sponsored animal

    ​Sponsors who support more than one resident or donate more than $40/month are eligible to receive a hoof print package of their sponsored resident/s!

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