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Yes, "Hei Hei" like the chicken in Moana. He was saved from death when a family found him severely wounded. He was bleeding, missing many of his feathers, and he was very weak. It was immediately apparent that something was wrong with his right eye, as well. He was rescued by the family and brought inside their home to recover. As he got better, he began hanging out with their dog and kids, and soon he thought he was just another member of the gang. 

Since Hei-Hei has a bad eye, he is not releasable. He is another ambassador for our wild rooster population. In Hawai'i we have many wild roosters who are sadly often the victims of cruelty at the hands of humans (it is common practice here to catch and fight these roosters). There are many people who care about the wild chickens who help to rescue and rehabilitate them, but roosters are very hard to care for in a home environemnt due to their crowing.


We are very glad to be able to provide Hei-Hei with a forever home. Hei-Hei enjoys eating bananas and especially watching over his partner Moana while she eats first. He will feed her treats like cockroaches or other fruit and only after she is full will he indulge. The two of them have become quite anti-social and could care less about human interaction, which is why they are not visited on tours. They like to do their own chicken things and keep to themselves!

Hei Hei

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