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At Aloha Animal Sanctuary, we run completely off volunteers and donations like yours.

There are no paid positions here. All donations go towards caring for the animals. 

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Francis is a Muscovy duck! Muscovy ducks are a domesticated species that have long been bred for meat. Francis was rescued along with his sister Fern as abandoned pets at risk for euthanasia. Our landlord, Melissa is an avid bird-lover and rehabber and sent them our way.


Francis has quite a personality. He is passionate, fun, and sassy! He loves when our caretaker volunteers fill up his pool with fresh water, he eagerly waits to dive right in! Francis also enjoys excursions to the sanctuary's natural ponds, and greeting visitors with hisses and tail wagging. 


Haku was destined for slaughter but was brought to our attention just in time. We were able to negotiate for Haku's freedom and now he's the sanctuary's first resident and ambassador.


He will live out his days happily, free from fear and harm. He moved in at the end of 2018 and is adjusting to his new home quite nicely! Haku loves to root and wallow in the cool mud, frolic around his enclosure, and play soccer!


Come visit this lovable goofball for muddy cuddles and laughs. 


Hei Hei

Yes, "Hei Hei" like the chicken in Moana. He was saved from death when a family found him severely wounded. He was bleeding, missing many of his feathers, and he was very weak. It was immediately apparent that something was wrong with his right eye, as well. He was rescued by the family and brought inside their home to recover. As he got better, he began hanging out with their dog and kids, and soon he thought he was just another member of the gang. 

Hei-Hei loves to crow and makes the sweetest rooster noises.  He enjoys eating bananas and receiving hugs from our caretaker volunteers.  He has become inseparable with Moana, his best friend, and roommate! 



Eleanor is a beautiful senior pig living at the sanctuary, being about 9-12 years old. She was rescued from an extreme neglect case. Eleanor was found starving, alone in a concrete pen, living in her own waste. Her owner had already starved two of his horses and a pig to death and was doing the same to Eleanor (for reasons unknown). Luckily, Eleanor was noticed by a woman who began bringing her food scraps and was eventually able to rescue her.

Eleanor's body tells stories, she has cut up ears from a common farm procedure called ear tagging, her tail is cut off in another common procedure called tail docking. Both are done at farms without anesthesia.


Despite all that Eleanor has gone through, she is the most affectionate pig with such an open heart, with only love to give to all who visit her at the sanctuary. She has become best friends with Haku. They cuddle every night! Eleanor is the queen and bosses Haku around, which means she gets first dibs on papayas! 



Charlotte was rescued from a pig farm located on the Leeward side of Oahu. Almost all of Charlotte's siblings died from being squashed and suffocated accidentally by their mom. This is an incredibly tragic but common occurrence at pig farms, where mama pigs are kept in gestation crates so small they can't change body positions or move. 

Luckily, Charlotte's story took a turn for the better when she crossed paths with her rescuers.

Charlotte loves back scratches and belly rubs.  She loves being misted with water and runs around and sometimes does a "piggy pirouette" and twirls around in a circle.